Z-Wave Plus Aeotec Дверной звонок

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1. Support "Over the Air Firmware Updating" and “Z-Wave Security”. 2. Support doorbell music updating.

With a Z-Wave system and Aeotec’s Doorbell, your front door is instantly smarter.

Every press of Doorbell’s outdoor button notifies your connected home that someone is at the door, allowing you to receive notifications, a chime in the home, and to activate any devices attached to your Z-Wave system.

From outside to in, Doorbell uses ultra-low powered wireless communication. There’s no wiring necessary.

Hear and see when someone is at your door via Doorbell’s LED light alerts and customisable tones.

Get smart phone notifications from your Z-Wave system anywhere in the world.

Automatically activate devices at your front door such as welcome lights and security cameras.

Doorbell speaker.

Wirelessly communicating with Doorbell’s button, Doorbell speaker offers configurable volume and tones and simply plugs into any power outlet. Each speaker module is only 64.8mm wide, 92.3mm high, and 30.8 deep, which is almost the smallest doorbell speaker in the world.

Easy installation: plug in to a power socket.

The speaker comes pre-loaded with 5 chimes.

Upload up to 100 MP3 tones for custom alerts.

Receive visual alerts from LED lights inbuilt into speaker.

80dB audio alerts complement the LED lights in speaker.

Wirelessly communicates with your Z-Wave network.

Built upon the latest Gen5and 500 series Z-Wave.

Configure the speaker’s volume from 40dB up to 80dB.

Doorbell button.

With its glass front and LED illuminated push button, Doorbell’s battery powered button sits at your front door and communicates wirelessly with the rest of the system, which is perfectly designed at only 35.2mm in width, 81.3mm in height and 14.5mm in depth.

Battery powered lasting up to 3 years.

Wireless range of up to 150 metres / 300 feet.

Simply install button with 2 screws or tape.

Receive low battery alerts from your Z-Wave system.

Smarter Sensor. Simple Accessories.

Doorbell is easy to install. Its speaker simply plugs into a power outlet, and its button can be easily installed beside your front door with double-sided tape or small screws. You’ll find those easy installation methods provided in Doorbell’s box, along with the USB cable that’ll allow you change its alert tones.

Customise your Doorbell’s alert tones simply by uploading new MP3s via the provided USB cable.

Doorbell’s button ships with a 3V lithium battery pre-installed, so that you can get Doorbell up and running right away.

Installing Doorbell’s button doesn’t get any easier. Just tape it or screw it using the provided screws and tape. That’s it!

The best doorbell.
The best Z-Wave.

Doorbell has the newest version of Z-Wave built right in. It uses the latest chips and firmware for cutting-edge performance.

Wireless range

The better the wireless range, the more reliable the product, and Door / Window Sensor 6 offers a class-leading antenna. Optimised for reliability, this tiny sensor can wireless communicate over 150 metres / 492 feet.


The best antenna. The best Z-Wave. Door / Window Sensor 6 is built upon Z-Wave Plus and Aeotec’s leading Gen5 technology to offer you the fastest response times and optimal battery life between recharges.

Secure security

If you’re using a sensor for security you want its communication to be secure. That’s why Door / Window Sensor 6 utilises AES-128 wireless data encryption to keep it secure from prying eyes and hackers.

Wireless updates.

Whether used for home intelligence or security, you want your sensor to always stay up to date. Whenever firmware udpdates are made for it, you’ll be able to upgrade Door / Window Sensor 6 via Microsoft Windows or select Z-Wave gateways.

Technical Specification

    • ZW056
    • Z-Wave Chip 500 series
    • Z-Wave Plus
    • Doorbell: 64.8 x 30.8 x 92.3mm ((LxWxH)
    • FCC, DEKRA, Z-Wave
    • Doorbell:  AC 220V-240VAC, 50-60Hz
    • Wirelless button: Lithium cell CR2450 3 volt battery
    • 2.5W
    • 80dB
    • up to 1W
    • up to 1mW
    •  up to 300m (outdoors) and 150m (indoors)
    • Doorbell: -10-45°C
    • Wireless Button: -20-55°C
    • -20-70°C
    • MP3 within 320 Kbps or WAV at 1411 Kbps

Package content

  • Doorbell. 
  • Wireless button. 
  • USB Cable. 
  • Screw (x2). 
  • Back Mount Plate. 
  • Fast Wiring Clip (x2).
  • Double-Sided tape

Z-Wave Specification

Z-Wave Association Capabilities

Group ID

Maximum Nodes


1 5 Group 1 is assigned to the Lifeline association group and every device has 5 nodes to associate. When the Doorbell is received the commands sent by controller to be turned on or off, the Doorbell will send a basic report of its status to the nodes in association group 1. To change what kind of signal is sent to the nodes in group 1, please see the detailed description of configuration parameter 80.
2 5 When the Doorbell receives the Basic Set, Switch Binary Set, Switch Multilevel Start Level Change, Switch Multilevel Stop Level Change, Switch Multilevel Set commands from main controller. it will forward the Basic Set, Switch Binary Set, Switch Multilevel Start Level Change, Switch Multilevel Stop Level Change, Switch Multilevel Set to associated nodes in Group 2.

Z-Wave Configuration Capabilities

Parameter Number

Parameter Size

Parameter Name

Parameter Values

10 1 Define the function of Button- or Button+. 0
Button- is defined to be the control item of Previous. Button+ is defined to be the control item of Next.
  1 Button- is defined to be the control item of Next. Button+ is defined to be the control item of Previous.
11 1 Define the function of Button- and Button+ when pressing it once and long pressing it. 0
Pressing it once, which will change the volume. Long pressing it, which will change the default ringtone.
  1 Pressing it once, which will change the default ringtone. Long pressing it, which will change the the volume.
2 1 Set the repetitions for playing doorbell ringtone. 1 to 100
the range of repetition is 1 to 100.
241 4 Pair the Wireless Button with Doorbell 1431655765 Start the Wireless Button pairing mode.
252 1 Enable/Disable Lock Configuration 0
All configuration parameters are configurable.
  1 All configuration parameters are not configurable (Locked).
255 4 Reset to default factory setting 1431655765 Reset the product to default factory setting and be excluded from the Z-wave network.
  1 Resets all configuration parameters to default setting.
42 1 Get the battery status of Wireless Button. 0
The current battery status is normal battery level.
  255 The current battery status is low battery level.
5 1 Set the default doorbell ringtone. 1 to 100
To set which ringtone number is the default ringtone.
6 1 Select a ringtone to play. 1 to 100
Play the specified ringtone.
  0 Stop playing.
7 1 Control items 1 Implement the control item of Play.
  2 Implement the control item of Stop.
  3 Implement the control item of Pause.
  4 Implement the control item of Next.
  5 Implement the control item of Previous.
8 1 Set the volume of ringtone. 0 to 10
The max volume is 10, the min volume is 0.
80 1 Enable/Disable to send notifications to associated devices to associated devices. 2 Send BASIC Report Command
Send Nothing (Disabled)
  1 Send HAIL Command
81 1 Enable/disable to send notification to associated devices. 0
  1 Enable

Z-Wave Command Classes

Supported Command Classes
        Alarm Sensor
        Association Group Information
        Binary Sensor
        CRC16 Encapsulation
        Device Reset Local
        Firmware Update Meta Data
        Manufacturer Specific
        Multi Channel Association
        Multilevel Sensor
        Time Parameters
        Wake Up
        ZWavePlus Info
Controlled Command Classes
        Scene Activation

User manual


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More Information
Технология Z-Wave+
Z-Wave Plus: No
Z-Wave аппаратная платформа ZM5101
Z-Wave тип библиотеки Enhanced 232 Slave
Z-Wave тип устройства Siren
Z-Wave тип роли Always On Slave
Производитель Aeotec
Внутренняя/наружная установка Внутренняя
Группы ассоциаций 2
Источник питания Батарея
Тип батареи CR 2045
Форм-фактор Настенный
Назначение Закрытие и отслеживание состояния двери
OTA обновление прошивки Yes
Обновление музыки Yes
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