Z-Wave Plus Aeotec Умный выключатель 6

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  1. Support "Over the Air Firmware Updating" and “Z-Wave Security”.
  2. Its surface has a Smart RGB LED, which can be used for indicating the output load status.
  • On/Off function
  • Power metering
  • Integrated Smart RGB LED
  • USB port

Smart Switch 6.

Smarter. Smaller.

Меньше, но умнее!
Адаптер-выключатель является умным адаптером, который может быть включен с помощью пульта дистанционного управления, настенный выключатель, смартфона или с помощью автоматизации. Благодаря Z-Wave умный адаптер-выключатель больше, чем обычная розетка.
Смарт выключатель обладает функцией мониторинга электроэнергии, которая предоставляет данные о потреблении подключенного устройства в режиме реального времени в ваш Z-Waveцентр управления. Эти данные могут быть сохранены и представлены в диаграмме. Помимо это, цветное светодиодное кольцо на смарт адаптере-выключателе показывает потребление электроэнергии подключенного устройства.
Индикаторное кольцо может быть сконфигурирован следующим образом:
  • Отключено: Светодиодное кольцо выключено.
  • Двухцветное: Синий цвет показывает, что подключенное устройство включено, Белый цвет показывает, что устройство выключено.
  • 16 млн. цветов: Цвета варьируются от голубого до желтого, от зеленого до красного (синий показывает низкий уровень потребления, красный показывает высокий уровень потребления электроэнергии подключенного устройства)
Умный адаптер-выключатель имеет размеры всего лишь 60 х 60 мм и и он на 43% меньше, чем его предшественник, однако он функциональный и практичный. В то время, когда планшеты, смартфоны и многие другие устройства можно заряжать с помощью USB интерфейса, адапетр-выключатель имеет свой дополнительный USB-порт для подзарядки мобильных устройств.


Smart sockets.

Plug it into any power outlet in your home and that outlet is instantly smarter.

Smart Switch 6 is a smart plug that lets you wirelessly control whatever is plugged into it. You can do that via remote control or a smart phone, and from an automation schedule or from the power outlet itself. Now your wall socket is smarter and connected.

And because it’s truly smart, Smart Switch 6 offers much more than just wireless control.

Wireless control.

Control it via remote from up to 150 metres away from anywhere in the world via a smart phone or tablet. Smart Switch 6 can be controlled using secure and encrypted wireless technology.


Control whatever is plugged into a Smart Switch 6 via a schedule and ensure that gaming systems and computers aren’t used when they’re not meant to be.


Convenience. Cost savings. Our electronics don’t have to be turned on all the time, just the times we use them. Smart Switch 6 lets you automatically turn devices on or off according to a schedule you choose.


Turn your electronics off in the event of an emergency or a hazard. Smart Switch 6 lets you automatically turn off devices, such as leaking air conditioners and fridges, when they fail.

Spend less.

Monitor and understand exactly how much money the devices plugged into Smart Switch 6 are costing you to run, then create a schedule to reduce your electricity bill.

Protect devices.

Your expensive electronics are safe with Smart Switch 6 courtesy of its inbuilt surge protector and over-current protector.

Save on what you spend.

Smart Switch 6 has world-class energy monitoring technology built right in. In real-time it can understand how much electricity your devices are using and let you know.

It does that via the Aeotec LED Ring. 16 million colours of light are used to visually communicate how much electricity is being used.

plug blue plug amber plug red
No colours.

A fan of the dark? Smart Switch 6’s LED Ring can be configured to be permanently turned off. Let there be no light.

2 colours.

As electricity-use data is also displayed on your gateway, the Aeotec LED ring can be reconfigured into a simple 2 colour mode: blue when your device is on, white when it’s off.

16 million colours.

The Aeotec LED Ring is powered by 16 million different colours. That’s 16 million ways for us to help you cut down on how much you’re spending.

See what you spend.

Smart Switch 6 doesn’t just visually communicate how much electricity you’re using, it also reports it back to your Z-Wave gateway in real-time.From anywhere in the world you’ll be able to see which devices are turned on and how much that is costing you. Compatible gateways will also help you store and analyse your historical energy consumption.


World wide.

Enhancing a power outlet near you.

Every country is different. And we’ve engineered a different plug for every country. Within the dramatically small size of Smart Switch 6 lies engineering focused not just on intelligence and reliability, but also on safety. From Australia to Andorra, from the United States to the United Kingdom, every Smart Switch 6 has been custom engineered to maximize the volts and amperage it can offer without ever compromising on quality or your safety.

Smart Switch 6 isn’t just a smart switch, it’s a safe switch.









When smaller actually is better.

oneWe made the first Smart Switch in 2006. Now we’ve re-engineered it, perfecting its technology and design, inside and out.

Smart Switch 6 is the most beautiful Smart Switch yet. Compact without compromise, at just 60 x 60 mm Smart Switch 6 is over 84% smaller than our first edition. And even though it’s 43% smaller than the recently release Smart Switch Gen5, it still benefits from its industry-leading technology.

Smart Energy Switch
16.9 x 2.4 inches


Smart Switch Gen5
3.2 x 2.3 inches


Smart Switch 6
2.3 x 2.3 inches

Smart plug. Convenient plug.

There’s smart. There’s convenient. Smart Switch 6 is both.

We live in an age of USB charging, so Smart Switch 6 offers it. Discretely crafted into the design, Smart Switch 6 offers side-port charging of smart phones and tablets.

plug smart

Uncrowded. Uncomplicated.

Plugs that block multiple power outlets aren’t just inconvenient, they’re annoying. Smart Switch 6 has been designed to reduce the possibility of that happening. At only 60 mm / 2.3 inches in size, Smart Switch 6 can be used without blocking the outlet its installed next to.

z-wave home automation

Perfectly reengineered.

Smart Switch 6 benefits from nearly a decade’s worth of engineering know-how. But to build something this perfect, we had to start our engineering process from scratch. Designing the Smart Switch 6 wasn’t simply about making improvements, it was about reimaging what the modern home truly needed from a wireless smart plug.

icon socket protection
Safe switch.

The home isn’t just where the heart is, it’s where your family should be safest. In the regions where electrical standards allow, Smart Switch 6 prevents objects from being inserted into it via its inbuilt socket protection.

icon 15a
Powerful switch.

Smart Switch 6 can power devices that draw up to 15 amps of power. But safety comes first, so a different Smart Switch 6 has been engineered for every country it’s available in, ensuring that it’s never overpowered and never unsafe.

icon wireless
Updated switch.

Your smart switch will keep getting smarter thanks to Aeotec’s over-the-air firmware updates. Whenever new firmware is released, you’ll be able to update Smart Switch 6 wirelessly.

icon protection
Protective switch.

Your loved ones are protected and so are your valuables. Smart Switch 6 features inbuilt surge and overcurrent protection helping to prevent your electronics from ever being damaged.

icon 150m
Perfect distance.

Wireless doesn’t mean weak. Smart Switch 6 can communicate with other Z-Wave devices at distances up to 150 metres / 492 feet.

Plug and play.

Anyone can install Smart Switch 6. Plug it into a wall outlet and press the action button on the front. Everything else is handled by your Z-Wave hub.

The best Smart Switch.
The best Z-Wave.

Радиус действия

Чем больше диапазон действия, тем более надежным является продукт - устройство имеет первоклассную антенну. Оптимизированное для надежности, это устройство может взаимодействовать беспроводным способом на расстояния более 150 метров.

Поколение 5

Лучше антенна. Лучше Z-Wave. Устройство разработано на технологии Z-Wave Plus последнего 5го поколения, чтобы предоставить вам самое быстрое время отклика и оптимальное время жизни батареи между перезарядками.


Если вы используете устройство для обеспечения безопасности, вы хотите чтобы взаимодействие было защищенным. Вот почему устройство использует беспроводное шифрование AES-128 для защиты от несанкционированного доступа и хакеров.

Беспроводное обновление

Используете ли вы устройство для комфорта или безопасности, вы желаете чтобы оно всегда оставалось обновленным до последней версии. Как бы не создавались обновления прошивки для устройства, вы всегда можете обновить его с помощью Microsoft Windows или выбрать Z-Wave контроллер.


Technical Specification

    • Z-Wave Chip 500 series
    • Z-Wave Plus
    • AC 220V-240V: 1800W
    • required external 8A circuit breaker
    • Packing size:10x10x5 cm (LxWxH)
    • Base size:4.1x7.3 cm (DxH)
    • CE, Z-Wave
    • Input: AC 220V-240VAC, 50-60Hz
    • DC 5V±0.3, 1000mA
    • up to 0.5W
    • up to 1mW
    •  up to 50m (outdoors) and 40m (indoors)
    • 0-45°C
    • 8% - 80%
    • IP20

Package content

  • Unit
  • User manual

Z-Wave Specification

Z-Wave Association Capabilities

Model: Smart Switch 6 (ZW096-C16)

Z-Wave Certification Number: ZC10-15080004

Group ID

Maximum Nodes


1 5 Group 1 is assigned to the Lifeline association group and every device has 5 nodes to associate. When the switch is turned on or off using the action button, the switch will send a basic report of its status to the nodes in association group 1. To change what kind of signal is sent to the nodes in group 1, please see the detailed description of configuration parameter 80.
2 5 When the product receives a controlling Basic Set CC/Switch Binary Set CC, which if cause the product’s load state to be changed, which will lead to send the Basic Set CC/Switch Binary Set CC to nodes in group 2.

Z-Wave Configuration Capabilities

Model: Smart Switch 6 (ZW096-C16)

Z-Wave Certification Number: ZC10-15080004

Parameter Number

Parameter Size

Parameter Name

Parameter Values

101 4 To set which report need to be sent. 8 Report Accumulated kWh
  2 Report Instantaneous Current (Amperes)
Report Instantaneous Watts
  1 Report Instantaneous Voltage
102 4 To set which report need to be sent. 1 Report Instantaneous Voltage
  4 Report Instantaneous Watts
Report Accumulated kWh
  2 Report Instantaneous Current (Amperes)
103 4 To set which report need to be sent. 4 Report Instantaneous Watts
  8 Report Accumulated kWh
  1 Report Instantaneous Voltage
  2 Report Instantaneous Current (Amperes)
111 4 Set the interval time of sending report. 0 to 268435456
Interval Seconds
112 4 Set the interval time of sending report. 0 to 268435456
Interval Seconds
113 4 Set the interval time of sending report. 0 to 268435456
Interval Seconds
20 1 Configure the output load status after re-power on 0
The output load status will be the same as the previous state before a power outage.
  2 The output load status will be OFF state after re-power on.
  1 The output load status will be ON state after re-power on.
200 1 Partner ID 0
Aeon Labs Standard Product
  1 to 255 Partner ID of Partner Product
252 1 Enable/Disable Lock Configuration 0
All configuration parameters are configurable.
  1 All configuration parameters are not configurable (Locked).
254 2 Device Tag 0 to 32767
Device Tag
255 4 Reset to default factory setting 1431655765 Reset the product to default factory setting and be excluded from the Z-wave network.
  1 Resets all configuration parameters to default setting.
3 1 Current Overload Protection 1 Overload Protection is Enabled
Overload Protection Disabled
33 4 Change the color value of RGB LED for testing 255 to 65535 Range of red color value.
  16777215 to 2147483647 Range of blue color value.
  0 to 255
  65536 to 16777215 Range of green color value.
80 1 Enable/Disable to send notifications to associated devices to associated devices. 2 Send BASIC Report Command
Send Nothing (Disabled)
  1 Send HAIL Command
81 1 Configure the state of LED 1 The state of LED will follow with the output load state, but will turn off after 5 seconds if there is no any switch action.(Momentary indicate mode)
  2 The state of LED will the same with Night light mode state configured by parameter 83.
The state of LED will follow with the output load state(Energy mode)
83 4 Configure the LED indication status when it is in Night light mode 0 to 255 Set the indication value of red Led.
  256 to 65535 Set the indication value of green Led.
  65536 to 16777215
Set the indication value of blue Led.
84 1 Configure the brightness level for the LED indication 0 to 100
Brightness level range is 0 to 100%.
90 1 Enable/Disable the function of parameter 91 and 92. 0 Configuration Parameters 91 and 92 are Disabled
Configuration Parameters 91 and 92 are Enabled
91 2 Induce an automatic report 0 to 32767
The threshold can be set from 0 to 32767 watt.
92 1 Induce an automatic report 0 to 100
The threshold can be set from 0 to 100 percent.

Z-Wave Command Classes

Model: Smart Switch 6 (ZW096-C16)

Z-Wave Certification Number: ZC10-15080004

Supported Command Classes
        All Switch
        Association Group Information
        Device Reset Local
        Firmware Update Meta Data
        Manufacturer Specific
        Switch Binary
        ZWavePlus Info
Controlled Command Classes
        Switch Binary

User manual


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More Information
Технология Z-Wave+
Z-Wave Plus: No
Z-Wave аппаратная платформа ZM5101
Z-Wave тип библиотеки Enhanced 232 Slave
Z-Wave тип устройства On/Off Power Switch
Z-Wave тип роли Always On Slave
Производитель Aeotec
Максимальная нагрузка 13A
Группы ассоциаций 2
Внутренняя/наружная установка Внутренняя
Тип диммера и выключателя настенная розетка
Источник питания Кабель AC
Форм-фактор Штепсельная Розетка
Функции розетки Измерение мощности, USB DC выход
Назначение Управление освещением, Управление энергоснабжением
OTA обновление прошивки Yes
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