Z-Wave Plus Remotec Smart Thermostat ZTS-500

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Ключевые особенности

Преобразует Z-Wave команды  термостата в ИК-коды управления кондициониром воздуха.

  • Обеспечивает управление блоком кондиционера воздуха (AC) через сеть Z-Wave
  • Пять встроенных направленных ИК-излучатели
  • Поддержка внешних ИК-излучателей (опционально)
  • Встроенная библиотека ИК-кодов кондиционеров воздуха
  • Датчик температуры позволяет осуществлять дистанционный контроль температуры в помещении


The ZTS-500 is a security Z-Wave enabled thermostat designed to control residential HVAC systems. A security enabled Z-Wave Plus Controller must be used in order to fully utilize the product. Users can use local or remote control and monitor the temperature via an App on smartphones or computers while at home or away through a Z-Wave gateway. It can maximize energy conservation and comfort while minimizing the effort required to maintaining a desired
temperature in your home.

HVAC Systems Compatible

  • 24Vac single & two stage conventional heating systems (gas/oil/electric)
  • Heat pump systems with up to two stages of heating (electric/gas)
  • Zoned forced air and zoned hot water (2 or 3 wire)
  • Millivolt systems (12-24Vac or DC source)
  • One or two stage cooling systems
  • Hybrid systems

HVAC Systems Not Compatible

  • Radiant floor and wall heating systems
  • Geothermal systems
  • Multi-zoned systems
  • 110V or higher line voltage systems (e.g. electric baseboard heaters)

Note: Thick black, red, or white wires connected with wire nuts running to existing thermostat typically mean high voltage system.

Features List

  • Support "Frequently Listening Routing Slaves" (FLiRS) mode and "Always Listening" mode
  • Support Network Wide Inclusion (NWI) and Explore Frames
  • Support Security and Non- Security command
  • Support battery low and level report
  • Support Association Groups
  • Advanced features through Z-Wave configuration parameters
  • Temperature sensor calibration
  • Filter replacement reminder
  • Z-Wave Plus compliant
  • OTA (over-the-air) firmware upgradeability
  • Energy saving mode
  • Short cycle start up protection
  • Support AA x 4 alkaline batteries (No C-wire required) or standard HVAC 24Vac input

Thermostat Alerts Messages

  • Battery Low Indication
  • Filter Replacement
  • Defrost Function
  • Out of Temperature Range Control Function

Technical Specification

    • Z-Wave Chip 500 series
    • Z-Wave: Z-Wave Plus
    • Two groups and 2 devices each (nodes)
  • LED and Button
    • Curved white LEDs display (Wide viewing angle and high contrast ratio with 3 levels brightness control)
    • Resolution: 18 x 6 dots
    • VA: 64mm x 28mm
    • Status icons: 7 "<", ">", "+" and "–" control buttons and LEDs
    • Input: AC 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz
    • Output: AC 24 VAC +/- 20% 50/60Hz
    • Battery: AA x 4pcs
    • Voltage: 24 VAC 50/60 Hz
    • Current: 1A Max. (inductive)
    • Temp Unit: °F or °C
    • Temp Display Resolution: 1°F / 0.5 °C
    • Temp Measurable Range: 32 – 99 °F / 0 – 37 °C
    • Temp Setting Range: 41 – 99 °F / 5 – 37 °C
    • Temp Swing and Differential: 1°F, 2°F, 3°F or 4°F / 0.5°C, 1.0°C, 1.5°C or 2°C
    • Temp Dead Band: 3°F, 4°F, 5°F or 6°F / 1.5°C, 2.0°C, 2.5°C or 3°C
    • 160mm x 100mm x 28mm (HxWxD)
    • FCC, CE, RoHS, Z-Wave Plus, ZigBee, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
    • up to 8W
    • up to 0.8mW
    •  up to 50m (outdoors) and 40m (indoors)
    • 0-50°C
    • -5-60°C
    • IP20

Package content

  • Main unit
  • Power supply

Z-Wave Specification

Z-Wave Association Capabilities

Group ID

Maximum Nodes


1 1 AUTO repoet
2 3 Heater
3 3 Compressor

Z-Wave Configuration Capabilities

Parameter Number

Parameter Size

Parameter Name

Parameter Values

1 2 Scale of temperature 0 to 1
10 2 Sensor Temperature Calibration 0 to 10
11 2 LED Brightness Level 1 to 3
12 2 Sleep Timer 3 to 60
13 2 Repeat Basic Set Counter 3 to 255 Minutes
14 2 Auto Report Room Temperature 1 to 8
15 2 Set Time Interval 0 to 16
2 2 Swing 1 to 4
3 2 Differential 1 to 4
4 2 Dead band 3 to 6
5 2 Heat Set Point 41 to 99
Fahrenheit unit
6 2 Cool Set Point 41 to 99
Fahrenheit unit
8 2 Set Filter Counter 500 to 4000
9 2 Report Filter Counter 0 to 9999

Z-Wave Command Classes

Supported Command Classes
        Association Group Information V2
        Association V2
        Device Reset Local
        Firmware Update MD V3
        Manufacturer Specific V2
        Sensor Multilevel V5
        Thermostat Fan Mode V4
        Thermostat Fan State V2
        Thermostat Mode V3
        Thermostat Operating State V2
        Thermostat Setpoint V2
        Version V2
        Z-Wave Plus Info V2
Controlled Command Classes

User manual


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More Information
Z-Wave Plus: No
Z-Wave аппаратная платформа ZM5202
Z-Wave тип библиотеки Routing slave
Z-Wave тип устройства Thermostat - HVAC
Z-Wave тип роли Listening Sleeping Slave
Технология Z-Wave+
Тип датчика мультисенсор
Группы ассоциаций 3
Производитель Remotec
Максимальная нагрузка 1A
Источник питания Блок питания DC, Батарея
Тип батареи AA
Внутренняя/наружная установка Внутренняя
Тип монтажа Настенны
OTA обновление прошивки Yes
Назначение Отслеживание температуры, влажности, освещенности
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